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Best places to watch the sunset in Mallorca

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

It happens every day, but enjoying a mesmerizing sunset doesn't happen so often. You just need to check if the day is clear and at what time the sun sets in Mallorca and you are ready to go to dream spots that we recommend here:

1. Talaia d'Albercutx, Formentor

380m high, at the XVII century watchtower Atalaya d'Albercutx: What was one of the main points of vigilance against continuous attacks is now one of the best places to admire the sunset.

A 380m de altura se encuentra esta torre del siglo XVII. Se debe aparcar antes subiendo la carretera y caminar unos 15 minutos hasta la torre.
Talaia d'Albercutx, Formentor

How to get there?

You may take the bus TIB L353 (horarios) that runs from Can Picafort to Formentor. If you decide to go by car, drive towards Formentor until you reach the viewpoint des Colomer. A road climbs to the right towards the tower to a point where there is a barrier and you must park and walk about 15 minutes to the tower.

We like to walk all the way from the viewpoint des Colomer. If you deviate from the path you will find unique places to enjoy the sunset.

2. Mirador de Na Foradada, Valldemossa - Deià

The Na Foradada viewpoint is everyone's place to escape and enjoy one of the best sunsets in the world. You can visit the Son Marroig house with its elegant interiors and explore the marvelous gardens and the white marble chapel or have a drink at the viewpoints' bar.

Na Foradada ('perforated rock'), has a huge 18m hole in the center and you can find it between Valldemossa and Deià.

It's worth following the path that passes the Son Marroig house until you climb the steps at the barrier. Walk 5 minutes through an olive grove. There is another small stone lookout from where you can get another perspective.

How to get there?

The L210 bus line TIB (schedule) from Palma to Port Soller and stop in this viewpoint. You may go by car, there is a parking area.

3. Torre d'es Verger, Banyalbufar

Between Banyalbufar and Estellencs you will find the mirador de les Ánimes (souls). There you can climb the Verger watchtower built in 1579. From this tower smoke and fire signals were sent when enemies were seen warning the rest of the towers in Deià, Valldemossa and Soller.

We like to go to the tower and surround it on the left and enjoy the sunset from the rocks.

How to get there?

With the 200 bus line TIB (schedule) that runs from Palma to Estellencs.

By car (there is little space to park).

4. Mirador del Cañon, Islas Malgrats

This viewpoint is located in Santa Ponça above an old circular defense tower with an old iron cannon.

Since 2004 the marine environment of the Malgrats Islands and Islote del Toro has been protected by its declaration as Marine Reserves.

How to get there?

Park or walk along Carrer Gran Via Eivissa in the urbanization of Santa Ponça.

5. Bunker militar, Cap Blanc

The sea, the cliffs, the watchtower, the lighthouse, the horizon, nothingness. Cabo Blanco, by itself and without thinking about its history, impresses. The military history of this emblematic cape goes back to 1936 when the owner of the land gave it to the Army.

When you reach the Cap Blanc lighthouse, walk to the right 5 minutes and you will find an abandoned military bunker. The sunsets here are awesome.


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